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Awryicons.net is a website specialized in the design of social web icons and graphics. Dedicated to provide uniquely ready-to-use designed web icons, mostly for webmasters and web designers.

This we accomplish by utilizing: several different graphics software, available fonts and a bit of inspiration... We apply a wide range of colors,shapes and a comprehensive range of visual effects,all of this to be able to offer web icons eligable for your web design projects.

We update our sets every month with new products, providing you with more solutions...

Every visitor is a potential user - no registration is required and all is free of charge.

Our products(social web icons) are delivered in two formats: PNG,ICO and Animated GIF. They are offered on this website "as is", but modifiable, if you have the skills and/or means to do so.

Awryicons.net is not backed, endorsed or supported by any of the well-known social websites.

All files you download from this website belong to this website - no third party involvment as in downloading additional files stemming from other websites.

We check our files for cleanness before web publish them.

Do you wish to be additionally informed on our terms of use? If so, then we recommend you to visit this page

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Awryicons.net was officially launched 10th August 2013.

Curiosity: Our website's slogan " Our web icons went awry...on purpose... " is a way to describe somewhat unconventional design methods in this particular field.

Learn to grow with Awryicons.net!